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Immediate Reaction: Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers

Fire, Passion, Commitment! That's what I like to see!

Richard Heathcote

So we lost 2-1 at Stamford Bridge which has led to our crashing out of the Capital 1 cup, but we by no means disgraced ourselves tonight against the side who currently sit at the summit of the Premier league.

The hard work and dedication shown by our players has left this supporter very happy. The fact that we held a strong Chelsea team (and it was strong) for a long period of the game has left me incredibly proud to say 'yeah, that's my team out there' and I think tonight's game has been a really good advertisement for the hard working strong mentality team that we have.

Now obviously I'm gutted about the result and I have always been a believer that a good cup run leads to good league form; however I find great pride in the fact that when we go into a game as underdogs facing a potential 5-0 defeat we come out and show our critics that we will fight to the very last second against any side no matter who they are.

We've had a lot of problems in the league so far this season and we are currently facing a very difficult period in the Championship where honestly we are looking to stay out of those relegation spots. However I'd like to take a break from that tonight, even if it is just for this one night, and focus on what we have accomplished today which is a good account of ourselves against Premier league opposition. Lets take heart from this and carry our hard working mentality into the weekends game against Derby and show the Championship what we can do at Bolton Wanderers. COYWM!