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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 1 v 1 Leeds United

A tough draw between Bolton and the largest travelling support in the history of football - so what have we learned?

Trotter here, about to lose possession
Trotter here, about to lose possession
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers and Leeds United played out a hard-fought one-all draw on Saturday at the Reebok - with both sides coming away from the game having thought they'd done enough to win the game.

Let's crack on with this cos I've got a cold:

1) Neil Lennon's First Mis-step?

Very possibly.

I do completely trust Neil Lennon. Despite this, I don't think I was the only one amazed he started with Liam Trotter. Granted, he probably (probably) knows a footballer better than I do and sees the former Millwall man in training on a daily basis....but hot damn.........Trotter was bad.

The manager has worked absolute wonders with the dross that Dougie Freedman left behind. Eeking out a few reasonable performances from awful footballers such as Trotter and Liam Feeney has been nothing short of miraculous, and there was always a time when that luck would run out - Saturday was that time.

Days like that are inevitable from time to time until the moment arrives when Lennon has got rid of every single ounce of Dougie's poison from the ranks.

That said, I think Saturday was his first backwards step as Bolton Wanderers manager. His reactions on the sidelines told its own story and I imagine a few home truths were delivered in the dressing room afterwards.

Some really poor performances need to be addressed. Liam Trotter, Liam Feeney, Matt Mills, Tim Ream, Dorian Dervite, Neil Danns, and most of the attackers should all look at their own performances and be unhappy. I fully back the manager to be the one making sure that it doesn't happen again.

High intensity pressing has been a hallmark of Lenny's Bolton - playing Heskey and Eidur together means that was never likely to happen - Craig Davies needs to start the next game and I fancy we'd see a more 'Lennon' Bolton side as a result. Clayton and Davies have the legs to play that sort of role whereas Big Emile(tm) and Eidur clearly have to play according to their physical condition(s).

2) A Worrying Overall Lack of Creativity

No Mark Davies, no Max Clayton and no Lee Chung Yong. It should perhaps then come as no surprise that the lads suffered from a lack of creativity.

As talented as Eidur clearly is, he can't do it on his own and how he must look at Liam Feeney and think 'I played for Barcelona, and now I'm stuck with you' as the former Millwall winger runs the ball out of play for the thousandth time.

This area of the park is one that requires immediate attention, not the signing of yet another right back.

Kris Commons has been linked with a move and whilst I am sure he's done really well playing semi-pro football in Scotland I'm not sure that his Championship CV is much to shout about - definitely not as a replacement for Chungy who it appears is on his way to the Premier League should Crystal Palace improve their £1m bid of Friday.

We've used the same dozen or so players in the majority of the games since October and so perhaps the odd moment of brief fatigue could be expected.

Ah, the thought of new signings. That brings me on to point 3:

3) Should Lennon Move Josh Vela into Midfield?

Very possibly.

In fact no - this should DEFINITELY happen.

Without Mark Davies, we do not have anyone capable of running with the ball. Josh Vela is the man for this. The Salford-born Vela is making a decent fist of life at right back but anyone with half a brain can see that he's totally wasted in that role.

Vela needs to be in the centre of the park dictacting the game. I believe in Josh Vela.

I had a dream last night that we played Vela in central midfield allowing Danns to push on, with Joe Riley coming in at right back. I really do not want to see old man Kevin McNaughton at full back.

We need our fullbacks to offer an attacking threat and the only threat McNaughton brings is to the pack of Fisherman's Friend that he carries round with him tucked into his sock.

Josh has the energy and the drive that our midfield is currently lacking and I believe sincerely that he should be moved inside immediately at the expense of Trotter whose own place can go to Neil Danns.

4) Leeds United - a Tinpot Two Bob Joke of a Football Club.

Very possibly.

They brought upwards of half a million supporters at the weekend - but where was the noise? Very strange that so many away fans can be so quiet - it was like having Blackburn Rovers up here again.

They always bang on about being such a well-supported club. I should think so given the size of the city and the lack of rivals nearby to take fans away.

Despite this, they failed to sell out their allocation for the first time in recent memory, and perhaps the poor quality of Neil Redfearn's side and their long-ball game has turned a few Leeds fans away from the current offering.

All in all a poor showing from them and from their team.

5) Championship Survival Likely - Next Season Promotion?

Very possibly.

As mentioned above, Neil Lennon has worked wonders with the worst Bolton Wanderers squad in a generation. Despite the negative aspects of the Leeds game, let's look at the positives:

* We were pretty rubbish, but we didn't lose. Imagine that game under Dougie - we'd have been smashed from pillar to post.

* We're another league point further away from the relegation spots.

* Eidur Gudjohnsen is getting better and better each week as he gets closer to full match fitness.

* Tom Walker made his debut as another young lad broke into the first team squad. Lennon again continues his regeneration of the Wanderers squad with the inclusion of the young midfielder who showed some neat touches.

* I don't sit on the front row so didn't get soaked.

* Most importantly, Wigan lost again.

We've got a top class manager, I'm convinced of that.

Addendum) F you, Weather

God damn, that wind was a right bastard.