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FA Cup tie at Anfield means Mo' Money for Bolton Wanderers

Liverpool welcome Bolton to Anfield in a nifty fourth round tie, but Wanderers will want to make sure that the Merseyside club have a cheque ready by the time 90 minutes are up.

He played for both clubs...
He played for both clubs...
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Neil Lennon, Phil Gartside, and everyone else involved with Bolton Wanderers would love to see the Trotters beat Liverpool and get into the fifth round of the FA Cup.  This is a fact.  We all know this.  But in order to run a football club one must be something of a pragmatist.  The manager said as much to the Bolton News when discussing he and Gartside's reaction to the draw:

"The Chairman was checking how much we'd get as soon as the draw was made.  Then we got the news the game was going to be on the telly.  It is reward for a really good performance last week."

So, just how much cash will go into the club's coffers after the Anfield visit?  Somewhere around £400,000.  That is a lot of money for a club in our current predicament.  All indications are that, with a little over two weeks left in the transfer window, that money will be poured right back into the squad.  If it can give Neil Lennon even a small window to sign an extra player, in addition to the well-established one in, one out system, the tie will be completely worth it, no matter that result.