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Dear SKD - Please Unblock Me - A BWFC Poem

Dan, for reasons he does not know, is blocked by Kevin Davies on Twitter. This is his heartfelt plea to change that fact.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

I don't know why, but my hero Super Kevin Davies has blocked me on Twitter. This upsets me greatly as I do love him so. Almost as much as I love Bolton Wanderers.

I thought I would appeal to his better nature and write a short poem to express my feelings.

These feelings are heartfelt and true. No word of lie.

Hello there, SKD

I see that you've blocked me

Buy why?! I just have to ask

It's not as if I wear a troll mask

And bark abuse like a proverbial husky.


It actually makes me rather sad

That a legend like you thinks I'm bad

Especially since I recall

I've never even tweeted you at all

I'm so upset that I drown my sorrows in whisky.


I guess what I'm trying to say

To you, the one and original bae

That even though this may sound sappy

It would make me indescribably happy

If you'd just unblock @Murbroski.