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Bolton Wanderers to sign Le Fondre on Friday & Take Polish Striker on Trial

We're getting all the tips today

Stu Forster/Getty Images

So it's Thursday night and I'm walking the dog from my house in Penwortham through Preston City Centre. It's about a 5 mile round trip and I was tired. It was cold. Then I got a text from a pal who says "Alright mate you're signing Adam le Fondre tomorrow".

Now I don't normally believe this mate as he once told me he was going out with Chun Li from Streetfighter and that he had a pet velociraptor - but then ten minutes later I got a DM on twitter with a screenshot of a conversation purportedly between Mr le Fondre and an unnamed male which verified the above albeit with the added info of "signing for use (sic) tomorrow".

So with that in mind, I'm deciding that Bolton Wanderers are signing Adam le Fondre on Friday. The former Rochdale and Reading striker has struggled at Cardiff City this season, scoring a mere three goals in 21 appearances. He had been on the cusp of joining Huddersfield Town, but if my man is right then he's off to Bolton instead.

Then, interestingly, I got home and received a tweet on the Lion of Vienna Suite twitter account (@LionofViennaSte - follow please) with this link to a Polish sports paper. Have the Google translate version, it's great:

Polish league leading scorer may have to move to England. More specifically, the English Kamil Wilczek Bolton.

On Sunday Hub Gliwice striker, who scored nine goals in the autumn, will fly for three days of the British Isles, and will participate in several training.

Bolton coach Neil Lennon (Celtic coach until recently) wants to see him live, even though it would be an exaggeration to say that the tests will be sporting. Bolton Wilczek has more or less knows and knows what to expect from him.

Will take place in parallel talks between the two clubs activists on the sum of kickbacks.

- That's right, Kamil will spend three days in England. I talked to Blazej Augustyn, who knows Bolton and very recommending this direction.

Matters between the clubs are not yet done, so it's difficult this transfer has already prejudged - says Jaroslaw Kolakowski, manager of player.

Now I don't know what those Reebok Roar goblins will make of it, but it seems the Chungy money is already being spent.