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MOTM: Liverpool vs Bolton

A backs to the wall, heroic defensive effort frustrated the Scousers on their own patch and means we drag them back to Horwich to have our wicked way with them. But who shined, shined like a light like no other...(little Dave Higson reference there!)

Michael Steele/Getty Images

I'll admit it, I'm torn. Not Natalie Imbruglia torn. I'm not cold and ashamed, lying naked on the floor (though I am yet to surface from my bed).

No, I'm torn between three of Bolton Wanderers young men in particular who put their bodies on the line at Anfield to force a replay that Brendan Rodgers and his motley crew will be dreading.

Right, I've decided. I kept saying it throughout the game and I'm going to stick to it.

3rd Dorian Dervite - colossal and positionally superb all game. Interceptions, timing of challenges and header after header won. Would've been MOTM on any other day

2nd Adam Bogdan - controversial I know but every save he made was saveable, so he saved it. It's his job. Okay, the one from Borini was good and he was alert to smother Sterling's chance at the start of the second half but it's not as if he pulled off 4 or 5 'worldies', as they're now referred to. Sorry ginger ninja, not this time. But well done you.

The Winner - drum roll please…Mr. Tim Ream.

I know some people will be surprised by this but I just thought everything he did was spot on. He had to adjust to play as one of three centre halves when he, to my knowledge anyway, has never played as one of a three and hasn't played at centre half all season. His passing was crisp and right to his passee every time (not a word I know, but I like it). He created Gudjohnsen's first chance with a lovely ball and he just coped very well overall with Liverpool's pace and movement in their front three.

There we have it, my Man of the Match. Our American bearded hero.

You rock, Tim!!!