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MOTM: Rotherham 4 v 2 Bolton Wanderers

Q. How do you give a MOTM when you're 4-0 down after 55 minutes at a team who've lost their last three games? A. You don't

Michael Steele/Getty Images

I'm certain Bolton Wanderers supremo Neil Lennon will sort this out and that this was an excruciating one-off but if truth be told....that was embarrassing.

I'm not going to award a Man of the Match prize tonight - I did consier giving Matt Mills half a Man of the Match award for making a fist of being thrown up front and setting up, then scoring a goal - but then I read on Twitter that he had apologised to a fan for the performance and with that he lost all credibility.

However, I can't award him an actual MOTM award as he was part of a defence breached FOUR times by the Championship's lowest scoring side.

You should think that we'll have an actual striker up there in the upcoming game against those shitbirds from Wolverhampton, which will make a big difference - in the shape of new signing Adam Le Fondre.

Maybe Adam Bogdan will step in for the Andy Lonergan too, though I'm not aware of how much of the carnage was Lonner's fault tonight.

Craig Davies is a big miss for us and we can't expect kids like Conor Wilkinson and Andy Kellett to be thrown into a fatigued side, away at a team fighting for their lives and shine but granted Lennon had very little choice tonight.

No MOTM then. Fair enough?

Maybe I'll award it to that tosser of a referee. What a bellend.