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#WAFC Hashtag: Round Two - Laughing at the Unfortunates

It would be rude not to!

That's another fine mess you've gotten me into!
That's another fine mess you've gotten me into!
Paul Thomas/Getty Images

I thoroughly enjoyed the last one, and at this rate this may well become a regular feature.

As we all know, Bolton Wanderers tonked neighbours Wigan Athletic in this past weekend's FA Cup Third Round fixture. Although the game was settled by just the one goal, scored with great panache by youngster Zach Clough, there was only ever one likely winner such was Wanderers dominance.

But what of Wigan and their fans? What have they had to say about the game?

Join me dear readers and let's have a gander at the best of the best tweets using the #wafc hashtag:

That's not the only thing on Malky's plate:

Apologies for the bad language but cmon Mudhuts!

This lad appeared confident beforehand:

Not quite so much afterwards:

Unlucky chum(p)!

This local Wiggin journo appears to have a sense of humour as he casts an eye over a sparsely populated away game for a side only six miles away:

Not fantastic at all, Pauly!

Someone else had a bad afternoon tbf:

Get Megson in, he'll sort you out!

You're a funny get Luke! Had me in stitches with this one as well:

And then this beaut to end things from our mate Jonathon/Jonathan:

See you next time!