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A Love Letter to Lukas Jutkiewicz

Read Dan's pathetic excuse for poetry as he pines for the return of Lukey Juke

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Me: O Jutkiewicz, Jutkiewicz, wherefore art thou Jutkiewicz?

Deny thy Freedman and refuse thy club;

And thou now plays for Burnley, but wilt not

My undying love for thee.

Lukas Jutkiewicz: Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?

Me: For thee is a pretty good striker,

Who made many a people happy

With what? Scoring goals with head or foot

And making even Joe Mason look good!

By ever running hard and showing fight

And judging the time of crosses just right

By offering options across all of thee attack

And even helping out at the back.

By being a focal point and turning our season around

He got his career up off the ground

Alas, now low in the pecking order, below even Marvin

I've come crawling on my knees, askin'

Will you come back to me?

My one love, Lukey x

Lukas Jutkiewicz: Premier League m8.