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Five Things: Burnley 2-0 Bolton Wanderers

Five painful things from a painful game...

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

A game of frustration, poor officiating and lazy defending saw us lose and slip down to rock bottom of the Championship, here are five things we learned from that game.

1) Jose Casado isn't ready

Casado was handed his Bolton début in yesterday's game, many including me were excited to see what the spaniard could bring to our defensive unit, unfortunately all he brought was terrible marking, unwillingness to stick a foot in and general unreliability. He has a decent pass in him as we saw a few times yesterday, but he was ultimately the weak link in our defense yesterday and needs some serious tuning and adjustment to the English game before he can be considered a regular starter.

2) Jay Spearing is the unluckiest man alive

Seriously. The guy put in a stormer of a performance yesterday only to get injured around the 25th minute mark with a worrying looking injury to his leg, he tried to play on but was subbed off for Mark Davies. Spearing has a bad habit of putting in stellar performances only to have them cut short for one reason or another, like the Derby game when he was unceremoniously sent off. I hope Lennon keeps blessing Spearing with starts as he is a very good player when he wants to be.

3) Neil Danns needs to calm down

I can slag Neil Danns off until the cows come home, I don't like him as a player and I probably never will, however a good portion of the Bolton fanbase see his value and I can respect that. But my god he just didn't have a clue yesterday, one of my biggest gripes with him is that he tries to do too much and ends up gifting the opposition with a chance to break, this happened far too much yesterday. He panics when he's on the ball for whatever reason and either tries spraying 30-40 yard passes which never hit the mark, or tries beating opponents with his non-existent dribbling skills and gives the ball away. He needs to play to his strengths and maybe then I won't groan each time i see him on in the starting XI.

4) Wellington Silva's nationality is a curse

I like Wellington, a lot. I find him very entertaining to watch and he can produce brilliant moments at the drop of a hat. That being said, what I don't find entertaining is every team we play kicking and hacking at him and the referee waving play on. South Americans, especially Brazilians, have a tendency to dive and I understand that, Wellington has even dived a few times for us. However many times in the game yesterday Wellington was clearly fouled and nothing was given by the ref, the only rationale I can fathom from this is that his nationality is taken into account each time he hits the ground, drastically increasing the chances of the referee telling him to get up. Call me a conspiracy theorist or what have you but I'm tired of officials not giving stonewall fouls because Wellington likes to draw challenges.

5) I still don't know what to think of Gary Madine.

Sigh. I want to love Gary Madine I really really do, when he had those two games in a row where he scored I thought the handsome one was finally realising his goalscoring talents. But all that came into serious doubt yesterday. Everything he tried doing was either thwarted easily by the Burnley defense or just simply did not work and another attacking opportunity wasted, several good crosses were made and Madine just couldn't get his head to them. His natural talent for holding up the play and nodding down headers for other attackers wasn't even showcased, he just had a non-game and I fear those two games where he looked solid were just flashes in the pan. I dearly hope I'm wrong.