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Twenty's Plenty at QPR this weekend

More details on our support of the FSF's Twenty's Plenty campaign at Loftus Road tomorrow

Twenty's Plenty campaign will be in force across the country this weekend
Twenty's Plenty campaign will be in force across the country this weekend

This weekend sees nationwide protests against the prices fans have to pay to watch their football teams up and down the country. Bolton Wanderers' game at Queens Park Rangers tomorrow is just one of the matches where fans will be supporting the Twenty's Plenty campaign from the Football Supporters' Federation.

The FSF have sent us a banner - which, as you can see, is bigger than my flat - to show Bolton fans' support for the campaign to introduce a limit of £20 for away tickets at any match in any league, anywhere in the country.

We'll be taking it to Loftus Road tomorrow with the aim of putting it up somewhere in the stand, so any ideas where we should put it let us know in the comments section below. We'll also be meeting up with QPR fans before the game, so if you're coming along then do feel free to join in.

The Twenty's Plenty campaign has saved 68,000 travelling fans a total of £738,000 in ticket prices since it launched in January 2013, and the FSF hopes this weekend will spark clubs into further action. Fans from every club in the Premier League and many across the Football League will be displaying banners across the weekend.

FSF chief executive Kevin Miles said:

"Away fans are a vital part of the football culture in England and Wales - this weekend supporters will stand together against high prices.

"We have a great tradition of following our teams away from home with quite possibly the highest number of travelling fans in the world. This should not be endangered by high ticket prices.

"It's not just in the Premier League that we see high prices, many Football League fixtures can be very expensive too. Some could carry a cost of £50+ for away fans, an extraordinary amount of money. We want to see more clubs follow the example set by Coventry City, who have committed to charging no away fan more than £20."

If only to serve as an example of the high price of watching football in the Championship, adult tickets for QPR this weekend cost £32. If you're going to the game and want to help us support this campaign, let us know or contact me on Twitter @robilaz.