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Match Ratings: Bolton Wanderers 0-1 Birmingham City

Well that was absolutely rubbish

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

So we found ourselves yet again cursing our luck as we found another way to lose a football match.

Bolton Wanderers - really not very good at all. Let's get into the ratings:

Ben Amos - 8

Not sure what else he could have done. He made save after save. Must be well pissed-off playing behind these shitbags.

Derik Osede - 0

Offered nothing going forward, and even less at the back. Haircut is good though.

Jose Casado - 4

Started well. Enjoyed him kicking that Paul Caddis in the first half but tired afterwards.

David Wheater - 0

This man played for England. Seriously. The man who twice let the ball bounce over his head. Unbelievably bad. Runs like he's carrying Liam Trotter on his back. In quicksand.

Dorian Dervite - 0

Currently giving Gerald Cid and Abdouleye Meite a run for his money as worst centre half we've had in the modern era. Woeful distribution, awful positioning and lucky not to be sent off. Again. Wish he had have been. Merde.

Liam Feeney - 0

The only winger who won't take on a fullback, the former Blackburn Rovers man failed to beat his man all night be it on the deck or from a set piece. Lucky to be one of Neil Lennon's golden boys.

Mark Davies - 6

Worked hard but no end product. Playing with some utter utter shit in that midfield.

Darren Pratley - 0

This was the 'old' Pratley back again. Very concerning.

Wellington Silva - 0

Few exciting runs before he went off injured. I say injured, I bet he was embarrassed from his latest pathetic dive. Send him back to Arsenal if he's going to pull shit stunts like that.

Gary Madine - 0

Easily the worst striker we've ever had. Scared of shooting, poor in the air and weak for such a big man. Shite.

Emile Heskey - 0

Lost the 'fun' factor. Now I'm just stuck with the realisation that my club is playing Emile fucking Heskey up front in the year 2015.


Neil Danns - 0

His usual wasteful self. Must have some real dirt on Neil Lennon.

Max Clayton - 0

Really poor. Barely involved and was shunted around from left to right to up top where he offered precisely nowt.

Kaiyne Woolery - 0

Danny Ward for 2015. Looked and played like he was out of his depth. Shame.

The Manager

Neil Lennon - 0

I'm really concerned that he's making such obvious and daft mistakes - and then doing nothing to correct them. Extremely concerning ahead of two must-win games against Leeds United and Preston North End.