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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 0-1 Birmingham City

An easy one to write, is this

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Right it's Tuesday and it's late. Let's get on:

1) We're in Deep, Deep Doodoo

No doubt about it - Bolton Wanderers finds itself in a relegation battle.

Adrift on 8 points, we play Leeds United at the weekend and then Preston North End the weekend immediately after that. If we do not take at least 3 points from the pair then we can start to consider ourselves as swimming upstream.

We do not have the quality to make changes, and we do not have the desire, seemingly, to change our destiny.

We are suffering all over from a lack of confidence, and given the expected qualities of Neil Lennon I find this to be the most worrying thing of all.

He has spoken tonight of the need to bring in reinforcements - well, I'm sure he said the same thing six months ago, and we signed Gary Madine.

I'm dreading the Leeds game on Saturday.

2) I Find Your Lack of Fight Disturbing

This is not what I expected a Neil Lennon Bolton Wanderers side to be like.

Lacking in any sort of fight or desire, it's really worrying to think that we offered so little. We didn't even have the customary fight in the last ten minutes that you see so often when a team is attempting a comeback.

I've heard it said that a team plays in the image of its manager - well on this basis ours is a disinterested, meek loser with a frail mental approach combined with a stubborn belief that average players who have never performed for us will suddenly become world-beaters overnight.

It's mental, and it's taking us down.

3) Gary Madine & Emile Heskey

Are they worst two strikers we have ever had?


Paul Robinson, formerly of this parish, scored his second of the season - his second of the week - and second in some eight seasons. The same number that Madine has scored for us. Oh and double the amount that Heskey has netted for the club. That's right, he's only scored once, and that was on his debut LAST Boxing Day. Ridiculous.

Awful in possession, shocking in the air, and with the combined finishing ability of a cabbage, Madine and Heskey are an embarrassment.

I would gladly watch us lose each week with Jamie Thomas and Alex Samizadeh up front than suffer another minute of those carthorses trotting around the field being about as effective as an anti-racist statement on the Reebok Roar.

4) Consistency of Selection is a Problem

Another new back four.

Another new striker partnership (LOLZ).

Another different midfield permutation.

No wonder people play like strangers - there is no consistency whatsoever. No time for understanding or for partnerships to develop. You can't just bung 11 players (10 with Liam Feeney) together and expect them to instantly gel.

It's very worrying.

5) Where Do We Go From Here?

Do we sack Neil Lennon? Do we persevere and hope that he stumbles upon the magic formula?

I don't blame him for our predicament - well, not completely. He is totally at fault for the on-field tactical nonsense that we are currently watching. He is totally responsible for the bizarre team selections that we are seeing on a regular basis - but, at the same time, I do not hold him responsible at all for the tripe that we are currently living through.

With both hands tied, financially, he's built the best Bolton Wanderers that he can, and that without question.

Still, we're bottom of the league and we're a third-way through the season.

It's plainly not working - and in this scenario when is enough 'enough'? I'm not calling for his removal, but I can completely understand those that are.