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Is it finally time for Samizadeh and Thomas?

All season we've said they're not quite ready but surely they can't be any worse...

Jamie Thomas' matchday shirt hanging proudly in the shower room.
Jamie Thomas' matchday shirt hanging proudly in the shower room.

Last night, I watched Gary Madine play 90 minutes of a Championship football game. It's something I've seen over and over again this season and it needs to stop.

I also watched 38-year-old Emile Heskey play 76 minutes (!) of a Championship football game. That doesn't even need to be commented on.

Enough is enough.

If a Madine and Heskey partnership doesn't scream League One, I don't know what does. As long as those two are our only out and out strikers, I can't see anything other than relegation.

It's okay though, it isn't like we have a couple of free-scoring strikers in our development squad or anything. Even on the bench, we had Max Clayton who offers more than both. He's even better at holding the ball up despite being half the size.

Then we come to the Reserves.

I've said in the past that whilst Jamie Thomas is clearly very talented, he needs to improve quite a few facets of his game and I was calling for a loan spell to see what he's really made of.

Despite that, it's hard to deny that he knows where the back of the net is, finding it five times already this season. He has the knack of being in the right place at the right time in a similar vein to Ivan Klasnic. His form earlier in the season clearly caught Neil Lennon's eye as well, as he made a couple of matchday squads.

Alex Samizadeh, on the other hand, has somewhat taken the limelight away from Thomas in recent weeks with an incredible 12 goals in eight games for the Under 18s and an equally impressive three in five - mostly off the bench - for the Under 21s (As many goals as a certain Kaiyne Woolery who came on yesterday). His play is more tenacious and he seems to have a great child-like enthusiasm for the game. I think out of the two - despite being two years younger - it'd be him whose style of play would look less out of place in the first team.

Saying that, Woolery had 15 minutes to show what he was about but he didn't see much of the ball, probably because his movement was lacklustre. This shows that reserve to first team is a huge step up as he regularly bullies defenders overpowering and outpacing them in the reserves yet looked weak and out of his depth last night.

Either way, our strikers aren't scoring in the first team as it stands, so surely it's just worth a go. It can't be any worse than last nights horror show.