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Question Time: Leeds United with @JamesLUFC

All you need to know about the constant calamity that is Leeds United!

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It's been a rough week for Bolton Wanderers. With two games and two losses already, the Whites go into the game against Leeds United on Saturday needing a win. But will we be able to get it?

I've talked to Leeds fan, James Scholey, to find that out, as well as discover what the hell is going on at Elland Road.

1) Oh where to start... did Uwe Rosler deserve the sack?

In my opinion - yes. He did nothing to excite me about him as a person or as a football manager and if he can't do that to the fans then how are players going to respond to him? In interviews he came across like a man that had a very strict football philosophy that he wanted to instill in his players, naming it 'Heavy Metal Football' in an interview when he took over. In the end, like Heavy Metal music it turned out to be all noise and not much substance.

He did however manage a few good moments; the Derby first half was excellent and a great win in the end. The Boro 2nd half was positive BUT we lost 3-0. In the end 2 wins from 11 isn't good enough with this squad. The final straw came last weekend against Brighton when he took our best player off (Botaka) with 15 minutes to go, drawing 1-1 at home...

2) At all excited for the reign of Steve Evans?

This would have been my answer on Monday: I've never liked Steve Evans. He got himself into a bit of trouble at Boston and it's been a struggle to rescue his reputation ever since, despite his consecutive promotions.

My answer today: Yes! He looks like he's got the players playing for the shirt, he's got them playing attacking football and he sounds genuinely humbled to be LUFC manager. I must say, I'm a lover of 442 and our squad is perfectly set up to play that way and that's the way Evans likes to set up his teams. When you look at Leicester, Burnley and Bournemouth they all got promoted playing 442. It's how you get out of this league and Evans knows that. Let's see if the former Bolton youngster can get his first win this weekend.

3) How long do you give him before he's sacked?

How long is a piece of a string?

4) So, in short, what the fuck is Cellino and the board playing at? How do Leeds fans feel over his actions?

Can I do this in short? I'm not sure I can.

Things were going really well when Adam Pearson was on the board over summer, Cellino took a back seat and it all went smoothly. Then Pearson left. We can speculate as to why but that's not good for the health. Now we have Cellino back at the wheel, or we did until he got banned again, god knows who is running the board now. Cellino is an egotistical, irrational decision maker and that's not good for any football club, let alone one the size of ours. So when he's banning his own fans from going to away games to get back at the football league then what are fans supposed to feel other than pissed off? Thank god we had a good summer because if we hadn't then this would not be pretty.

5) You at all worried about the amount of money you spent this summer? £2.5m for Chris Wood is a lot of money.

Why would I be worried? You have to speculate to accumulate. If anything we needed to spend more, we should have brought in another center half at least. Wood for £2.5m is a good deal, he's proven at this level and can play on his own and in a front two. 5 goals in 12 games is a decent number in a struggling side. We've bought wisely too; Botaka came in from Excelsior for around £750k I believe and has looked electric - the best comparison I can think of is an unpolished Bolasie. Will Buckley is another proven Championship player who we have the option to buy in January, once he regains his form after Sunderland hung him out to dry. Tom Adeyemi came in from Cardiff; a young player who has played well in this league and is on loan with a view to buy - we've got some decent minutes out of him too. Cellino has his obvious flaws but the way he works in the transfer market is very shrewd in my opinion.

6) Leeds have given lots of youngsters substantial roles in the first team in recent years. How do you feel about so many getting opportunities and how are they doing?

Was it Alan Hansen who said "you can't win anything with kids" before the Class of '92 went on to win the Premier League Title (and many more after that). If they're good enough, they're old enough and our crop of kids are certainly that. Lewis Cook is the best of the bunch, he's just got it all: the touch, the vision, the speed, the tenacity. Byram has been off-form this season after Rosler and Cellino publicly crucified him but on his day he's the best RB in the league. Charlie Taylor is injured at the minute but is also one of the best young FB's in the league. Then there's Alex Mowatt who has shone at times but can be hit and miss; if he isn't the game then he's watching the game go by (he's also unfathomably slow).

7) Supporting a club that has endured much turmoil over the years, when you look at Bolton, do you see them making a lot of the same mistakes as you did? What do you reckon of Bolton these days?

I'm waiting for Bolton to drop like a stone, sadly. The way the club has been run is not sustainable, the debts are astronomical and I don't reckon much to your manager either. I've tipped you to go down along with Huddersfield and Rotherham this season. There's some good young players there (as well as some old ones) but it just doesn't seem to be working under Lennon. My prediction is Lennon goes by Christmas and Heskey takes over. Or Andy Hughes, just because he's great.

8) Who are Leeds' best players these days?

Lewis Cook as mentioned above is the main man, if he isn't on it then we tend to lose. Same with Sol Bamba at the back, although he can give you a heart attack at any given moment when he does something mad. Wood is obviously the center piece up front so if he isn't holding the ball up and distributing it like he can than we might be in for a rough day going forward.

9) How will Steve Evans try and get you to play?

Attack. Attack. Attack. Get the ball out wide and get it in the box. It's a brand Leeds fans love and it has potential to work with this squad. Of course, when you attack you leave yourself open at the back so we have to be wary of that.

10) As a Leeds fan, what are your thoughts on El-Hadji Diouf?

Used to hate him, then I liked him, then I loved him and then he pissed me off. I think right now I have no feeling towards him; where is he anyway? Has anyone seen him knocking about?

11) Playing for Sabah, in Malaysia, apparently. Any Bolton player worrying you ahead of the game?

I've always been a big fan of Darren Pratley so he's always one I watch out for but Liam Feeney has been impressive in recent years. Got all the physical attributes and was always a top player when we played Milwall.

12) Not sure if you're taking the piss or not there, but finally, how do you see the game going on Saturday and what's your score prediction?

I'll go 2-0 Leeds with Chris Wood opening the scoring before half time and Buckley finishing it off late on. Bolton will have a good spell in the 2nd half where Heskey hits the bar with a header, but we will stand firm and see it out.

You can follow James on Twitter @JamesLUFC