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An Introduction To Luke Brattan

Strewth mate, who's this Aussie lad we've snapped up? We get the lowdown from Fox Sports Australia reporter Daniel Garb and football fans down under

Australian midfielder Luke Brattan has joined Bolton on loan from Manchester City until January
Australian midfielder Luke Brattan has joined Bolton on loan from Manchester City until January
Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers today completed the signing of Australian midfielder Luke Brattan on loan from Manchester City until January.

We presumed that, like us, you've never heard of him before, so we spoke to Daniel Garb, Fox Sports Australia's European & Football Correspondent in London, to get the lowdown on our new signing. You can follow Daniel on Twitter here: @DanielGarb.

LOVS: "Thanks for speaking to us Daniel. What can you tell us about our new signing, what kind of player do we have on our hands?"

Daniel: "Brattan is a central midfielder, think of a box-to-box midfielder with an attacking side to his game. He's more of a number eight sort of midfielder than a number ten, he's a creative player who also has a eye for goal and can unlock defences with his passing."

LOVS: "Sounds promising. How do you think he'll fare in the Championship coming from the A-League?"

Daniel: "It's hard to know but he is a highly-rated player that's been playing in a very successful Brisbane side. The Australia manager Ange Postecoglou was the Brisbane boss until 2012 and he's already called him up to be around the squad. Tim Cahill is a massive fan of his and he's leading the support for Brattan, saying he thinks he's one of the hottest Australian talents around.

"This is a great opportunity for Brattan to impress and get experience of playing at this level of football, but we'll wait and see how good he can be. I'm sure if he plays well between now and January then Bolton will want to keep him on too."

LOVS: "He certainly sounds like the kind of player we need. Is there a particular player you'd liken him to?"

Daniel: "I think in terms of players Bolton fans can relate to, Stuart Holden is probably a good comparison. He's more renowned for attacking rather than his defensive play and he's more of an effective player than an efficient player."

LOVS: "So why have City signed him - is he a first-team option for them?"

Daniel: "He's not a realistic option for Man City yet, he's more of a project player and if he plays well at Bolton then maybe he can get a chance with City. I think it's very unlikely he will play for City at this stage but that's not to say he can't become a very good player in England, be it in the Championship or the Premier League."

LOVS: "We know City have links to Melbourne, is this a NYCFC-style ruse by them to get him to Melbourne?"

Daniel: "A lot of people have been very sceptical about him joining Man City to then be shipped off to Melbourne but from what I understand there has been no discussion at all with Melbourne about this."

Brattan scored the goal that won Brisbane Roar the A-League last year, but then left the Roar ahead of the current season, which began earlier this month, apparently due to unpaid wages. He was snapped up on a free transfer by Manchester City this morning and was immediately loaned out to Wanderers until January 3rd.

We also wanted to get the Australian fans' view on our new signing, and apparently he's 'a bit like Pirlo.'

We also asked a Brisbane Roar fan for their thoughts on Brattan, and here's what they told us:

As Daniel alluded to above, the move has also been given the seal of approval by Socceroos legend Tim Cahill, who today tweeted:

However, it seems his undoubted footballing talent is also met with a penchant for a dodgy barnet, so he'll certainly fit in with the likes of Neil Danns, Derik Osede and Max Clayton.

Without having seen him play, Brattan does sound like the kind of player we need at Bolton. Our midfield, and team generally, is lacking dynamism and a ball-playing midfielder who can also get stuck in, and frankly anything would be a welcome break from the delights of watching Danns and Darren Pratley.

So welcome to Bolton Luke, and we hope to see you in the first team shortly!