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Bolton Wanderers - Where Good Managers Go to Die

Guest writer Mark chimes in with his thoughts on BWFC an our present woes

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Twas 1982, my first game watching live football at a proper ground, albeit I had a fondness of the then mighty Liverpool.

The homecoming of Kevin Keegan in a Toon shirt and a pricely sum of £ 2.20 in The Paddock.

Excitement the previous night at 6:30 watching Kick Off with our favourite commentator Elton Welsby. The game, the atmosphere, the adrenalin, the violence , as a ten year old I was hooked. My love of Bolton Wanderers began - steeped in tradition and a working class club.

I've seen the highs, I've seen the lows and no more heart-breaking than getting relegated through the divisions to the bottom tier.

The devastating cup final defeats against Liverpool and Middlesborough. The Taggart goal that wasn't that ultimately cost us dear.... My one oath I took was to watch my beloved Whites in the then old first division and see them play in Europe, sometimes dreams can come true....

In today's era we are a club in severe decline and as supporters we are all too quick to be critical, no more so than myself.

I don't like Phil Gartside, I got fed up with Allardyces regime in the last two of his seasons and wanted progression, something that in Sams book that states we were held back by Gartside.

True or not, it is plausible.

The club is fast becoming a graveyard for managers. Bolton Wanderers have now had an effect on Lennon, a truthful and straight to the point no-nonsense Irishman.

For Lennon to come out and say we are better than bottom place is suicidal. Yes it's what we want to hear but are we oblivious to the fact that results don't lie, the table does not lie.

We are a very poor side who can inconsistently put in a "good" performance. I for one do not want excuses I want results. Some of our football is breathtaking at times but it's just not enough. We have to win ugly.We need some Mark Seagraves, Mark Pattersons or even Kevin Nolans with fight and bite.

How many times do we have to say we need to start again.

With no money - the future certainly isn't bright.