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A Newcastle Fan's Thoughts on Shola Ameobi

Incase you wanted to know anything else about our new striker

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers recently found some success in the long-drawn out search for a striker, as they signed free agent Shola Ameobi up to a pay-as-you-play deal until January.

The move wasn't exactly met with the highest of praise initially, but when Ameobi scored a sweet little volley on his debut against Leeds United people became a lot more accepting.

The Nigerian front man hasn't played for too many clubs in his 16-year career only four, including: Stoke City, Gaziantep BB and Crystal Palace being the teams he's turned out for.

He did of course, however, spend quite a number of years at his first club - Newcastle United.

He rose through the ranks at St James', playing for all the youth teams before being a mainstay in the starting XI for over a decade. In total, Ameobi was at Newcastle for 19 years.

So who better than to give us the lowdown on the big man than a Newcastle fan, who's surely seen him play countless times over the years?

I got in touch with massive Newcastle supporter, Steph Bishop, and here's what she had to say on our new striker:

It's safe to say that Newcastle United fans hold a love/hate relationship when it comes to Shola Ameobi. He provided us with some of our recent happy memories but was also labelled as frustrating and lazy.

So what should you expect from Shola?

I know he scored on his debut for Bolton (I was delighted when I saw that appear on Soccer Saturday) but do not expect him to be prolific. Shola spent 14 years in the Newcastle first team, and if I am brutally honest that is far too long for a striker who played nearly 400 games and did not hit treble figures in goals.

Now I do not want to put Bolton fans off with that sort of stat but this is where the biggest criticism was in the oldest Ameobi we had on our books (we once had three: Shola, Tomi and Sammy!).

Although saying that, when we had our season in the Championship in 2009/10 he did score 10 goals in 18 appearances (he was injured most of the season).

I'm not sure who your penalty taker is at the moment but you should definitely switch to Ameobi. He has an impeccable record from 12 yards and I was rarely nervous when he stepped up.

Despite his poor record I think he will be remembered for the top moments he provided.

Once upon a time Newcastle United used to beat Sunderland and Shola was dubbed the "Makem Slayer" netting seven goals in that fixture. The character he showed in those games will hopefully transfer into matches for you to help you escape trouble in the Championship!

Scoring in the Nou Camp is not something many players an say they have done. Step forward Shola Ameobi. Newcastle lost 3-1 on the night in 2002/03 but he will always be remembered well for that moment.

I wish him all the best at Bolton and I hope he can help to turn your season around.

I leave you with two of my favourite Shola Ameobi media pieces:

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