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When is it Okay to Criticise Neil Lennon?

Dan thinks Neil Lennon is getting just too much of an easy ride

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

I guess I should prefix this by saying that I still want Neil Lennon as our manager and I by no means want him sacked...

At least not just yet.

He is quite easily the best we've got, the best we could have got and the best we're ever going to have, so sacking him wouldn't solve the deep lying problems with in Bolton Wanderers. If anything they'd just enhance them as there is not a chance in hell we'd be able to bring someone in as good as him.

However, I'm beginning to wonder, when is it/will it be okay to criticise Neil Lennon?

I may be misinterpreting this or just plucking it out of nothing, but I feel like there's somewhat of a stigma over lambasting and calling out Lennon on some of the awful decisions he makes, that really are all down to him.

This lack of criticism stems from our dire financial situation and just the general mess that the club finds themselves in, people will leap to Lennon's defence and use the aforementioned "he's the best we've got" and "what else can he do?" lines to stop any legitimate arguments that are against Lennon's decision making.

I've got to say again just for clarifications sake, I'm completely on Lennon's side and I like him a lot, but a big part of why we currently sit at the bottom of the table is due to him. He hasn't been able to get a more than capable team on paper playing well together, he insists on starting players who really aren't good enough, he's signed some horrendous footballers and he's the one who's made some inexplicable team selections.

It's not all Lennon's fault of course, the injury curse has stuck again and once those players cross the white line there isn't much else he can do. It's not his fault Prince slipped on the half way line, it's not his fault that Feeney didn't score with a great chance.

But as I said, a lot of our misfortunes this year are Lennon's responsibility and to be fair to him he fully accepts and admits that constantly.

I just feel like some of us are cautious of criticising him for his bad decisions out of fear, incase some how our one negative comment will make him leave - which is a little weird.

In one way I do think that it's actually quite good and refreshing to see Wanderers fans, for once, not immediately jump on a manager's back after a series of bad results, maybe we've all finally realised just how far down that notorious shit creak we are.

However, I feel like Lennon is getting too easy of a ride from the majority of the fan base and maybe rightful criticism of him should start to become a bit more common place. Who knows, maybe it'll kick all their arses into gear?

Does any of that actually make sense? I'm not entirely sure as this is me trying to articulate a series of contradicting ideas that are constantly undermining each other in my head. Am I on to something or am I talking bollocks? Please do let me know below.