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Listen to a New Episode of Talking Trotters!

It's back!

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Talking Trotters returns to give you the latest on all things Bolton Wanderers. Your fortnightly bulletin, full of news, opinion and razor sharp wit. All you could ever need.

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In the first segment we talk about the football world with summaries of the news surrounding FIFA elections, Jose Mourinho and Tim Sherwood. Then, a brief comment on the politics of the House of Lords because it's my show and I can do what I like.

Then, it's back to our beloved Bolton  as we cover the Leeds United game, the ins and outs of transfers and Tom Molloy returns for a bumper Under 21 wrap up.

Finally, abuse the news returns, where the weirdest stories in the media battle it out for the prestigious prize.

If you are already a subscriber to the #LOVpod, it should just appear in your feed, if not you can download from the same places on iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.