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Player Ratings: QPR 4-3 Bolton Wanderers

Jack gives us the lowdown on another disappointing away day

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Well that game was something else, immediate elation followed by frustration, anger, hope and further disappointment - standard day for a Bolton Wanderers supporter I suppose.

So here goes my debut performance at match ratings.

Ben Amos - 7

Despite the scoreline I thought Amos had a decent game. He made a couple of top class saves, especially from Sandro's powerful strike, but was let down by some shaky defending. There wasn't much that the keeper could do about most of the goals especially Chery's curling strike for QPR's third. He was unlucky (and let down by defenders who were stood still) on the second goal after making two good saves, one at the feet of the defender.

His kicking at times was slightly disappointing as it regularly sailed out for a goal kick or into the arms of Robert Green, especially in the first half. His distribution also left a number of wanderers fans frustrated late on in the second half after we had drawn level at 3-3 - he could have released a number of players on a quick counter attack but decided to hold on to it (not sure if that had been an instruction or his own decision).

Dean Moxey - 6

Fairly solid game from our first choice left back.

Got forward well and supported the attack. He didn't make any major mistakes that I can remember.

To be honest can't remember too much of him.

Prince-Désir Gouano - 5

Better of the two centre-halves but wasn't as solid as he has been this season. He was caught standing still a few times in the box, but he was composed with the ball at his feet. He was shifted to right back for the second half following the substitution of Pisano and I thought he struggled.

He has the speed and skill but found himself drifting towards a more central position too often and leaving far too much pace for the pacy Chery or Matt Phillips.

I also wish that he was better at heading the ball, too regularly he lets the ball to bounce instead of getting rid of the danger.

Dorian Dervite - 4

Dervite had a poor game. He has to shoulder some of the blame for a few of the goals.

For the first he let the late runner get ahead of him and he (and a few others) stood still whilst Amos did his best before the second goal.

He tried to close down Jay Emmanuel-Thomas but over committed and provided the space for him to curl in the winner.

Francesco Pisano - 4

Another defender who had a poor game.

He should have got closer to Chery who crossed in for the first goal. He looked a bit out of his depth against a big and strong QPR side.

He did get absolutely clattered just before half-time which may have lead to the substitution.

Mark Davies - 7

Looked promising and got around the pitch in a more advanced role than he has been playing this year. He was always looking for the ball and occasionally dropped deep to demand it off the defenders.

Tried to create something on a number of occasions but the lack of movement around him usually stifled that.

Still would like him to shoot more.

Neil Danns - 6

As always Danns worked very hard, covered a lot of the pitch and tried to break down QPR's attacks.

Spends a little bit too much time complaining rather than getting on with the game but can't really begrudge him that with the standard of refereeing.

Darren Pratley - 5

Earlier this week Lennon claimed that Pratley would be playing in a development squad game so was somewhat of a surprise inclusion today - not sure if Lennon was lying or if Pratley was rushed back to help combat the physical side of QPR's game.

This was the first time I have seen Pratley play this season and unfortunately he reminded me a bit too much of the first half of last season rather than his performances under Lennon. He put in his signature effort and running but his touch let him down.

My biggest bugbear with Bolton's captain is his tendency to play the man before the ball and often goes down very easily which handed QPR possession.

Max Clayton - 6

Looked lively and wanted the ball but I think he struggled with the physicality of the QPR team. Played in a fairly fluid role and Bolton look better with him in the team.

Didn't create too much of note but wasn't for a lack of trying.

Liam Feeney - 7

Feeney started very lively. He provided a great cross which allowed Madine to open the scoring. Minutes later he was the only player on the pitch to react to Green's parry from Pratleys shot. He proved a useful outlet throughout the match and didn't stop running.

As usual he caused some frustrations among the travelling Bolton fans with poor crossing but I thought he had a relatively good game.

Possibly could have supported Prince more once he had been shifted to right back.

Gary Madine - 6

Worked hard as usual.

Took the first goal very well and capitalised on a slow start from the QPR defence. Looked a bit isolated up front for large periods of the match and was getting frustrated with a number of balls flying over his head. He won a number of headers and knock-ons and no one was around to capitalise.

Needs more support upfront.


David Wheater - 6

Generally no nonsense defending from the big centre-back. The defence was pretty shaky for the whole of the second half but I think it would be harsh to blame that solely on Wheater.

He isn't as comfortable on the ball as Dervite or Prince but he knows how to clear danger and more importantly how to put his head on a ball.

Jay Spearing - 7

I thought Spearing looked good. He collected the ball and was eager to drive forward either with a run or a pass. As usual he broke down QPR a few times and even competed for his fair share of headers.

I think he has been unlucky to not get a run out in the team.

Wellington Silva - 7

Looked lively coming on against tired legs. Constantly ran at the QPR defence and was dangerous in the box.

He took his goal very well and perhaps should have replicated it a few moments later but decided not to shoot. This is perhaps his most frustrating trait, he gets himself into dangerous positions but tries to walk it into the goal (I guess that is the Arsenal in him).

I think he is a great option to come off the bench once the starting 11 had worn down a defence.

The Boss

Neil Lennon - 7

Typically animated on the touchline, especially at the officials. I thought there was a good chance of his getting sent to the stands as he berated the fourth official.

I thought he was right to have a go as the standard of refereeing was terrible, as we have come to expect in this league.

I think the substitutions he made were probably right. There may be an argument that Josh Vela could have come on at right back but I think he would have struggled against the pace of Chery and Phillips.

Referee - The only thing consistent about Bolton's season is the terrible standard of refereeing in the championship.