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We're Finalists in the Football Blogging Awards!

So please vote for us again, please!

Remember a few weeks back now when we here at Lion of Vienna Suite asked you all to us a massive favour?


You all did and we genuinely can't thank you enough! Thanks to your votes and support, we're actually finalists in the award for Best Football Blog 2015, along side nine other fine candidates, for our coverage of Bolton Wanderers.

Our gratitude genuinely holds no bounds, but... we need to ask you to help us out again so we can win the damn thing!

If you could all show your support and vote for us just one more time then we'd really appreciate it, plus it's even easier than last time!

Literally all you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE which will allow you to Tweet out your vote.

Or if you prefer, you could just tweet the vote yourself, just copy and paste this:

I'm voting in @TheFBAs for @LionOfViennaSte as the Best Football #Club Blog

And then you'd have voted for us!

Then if you wouldn't mind sharing this with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, real life friends, family, distant uncles, pet dogs, complete strangers, absolutely anyone, then we might be in for a shot!

Once again, thanks for your support :)