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QPR's Ticket Prices Protest Snub

QPR stewards infomed us we could only display a banner for 5 minutes, and only at the very back of the stand

QPR all but blocked us from displaying our banner at Loftus Road on Sarred
QPR all but blocked us from displaying our banner at Loftus Road on Sarred
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

As you may know from previous articles, we were hoping to join the nationwide protest against the price of watching football at the weekend. However, we were unable to do so as Queens Park Rangers restricted the possibility of us displaying our 'Bolton Wanderers sayTwenty's Plenty' banner in the ground.

On entering the stadium we realised the away fans were in the upper tier, so our plan of laying the banner on the advertising hoardings went out the window. Speaking to stewards at the ground we were told that the club had stated we would only be allowed to put a banner up in the first five minutes of the match, and could only place the banner at the back row of the upper stand. As people were already filling the back row, this made it impossible to place the banner there, and we were advised we weren't allowed to place it over the advertising hoardings at the front of the upper tier.

It's unfortunate that we weren't able to do our bit for Twenty's Plenty at QPR but we did have a photo taken with the QPR supporters, who were also only able to display their banner for five minutes during half-time. It's ironic that a club that charges among the highest ticket prices in the league - adult tickets on Saturday cost £32 - is unwilling to be part of a campaign that aims to reduce ticket prices. However, you'd think they'd be interested in backing the campaign seeing as they couldn't even fill Loftus Road on Saturday - the ground was almost 2,000 below its 18,000 capacity on Saturday with an attendance of just 16,026.

The Twenty's Plenty campaign, organised by the Football Supporters' Federation, was carried out by fans across the country in protest against the rising price of football tickets in England and Wales. It has received national coverage on the BBC, in The Guardian, and got a mention from Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler during the live coverage of ArsenalManchester United yesterday.

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