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Updated: More Takeover News at Bolton Wanderers!

We've had some further info

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Further to Liam's fantastic piece yesterday (you can read that here), we have had some more information sent through overnight.

Two separate people have been in touch to give us the same name, and the same information - totally independent of one another.

Now I appreciate that we often have a pop at Alan Nixon for his spurious gossip-style twitter feed, but this information appears legit and I think that having two sources come to us with the same info merits posting.

So, we have been informed that the name of the company involved in this reported takeover of Bolton Wanderers is Sports Shield Consultancy, and the name of the ex-player mentioned in Liam's article is none other than our former record signing, Dean Holdsworth.

Out of work since leaving Chelmsford City in 2013, Holdsworth has been involved with Sports Shield Consultancy since May - they describe themselves thusly:

* Sports business consultants to Football clubs and Agents.

*We offer JV revenue streams through strategic structured partnership agreements.

*Many Non-League clubs now have to insure that players are paid when injured, we have created the package for the clubs, from accident and income protection to critical illness.

*Working with agents to provide the service they are unfamiliar with to help them, such as 'Career- ending'​ Insurance, we sustain a high level of private and personal service.

*We also act as Financial Funding partners to private clients on Investments, high level returns, our 'USP', we take the risk away.From 100K upwards.

*Working with high net worth individuals and companies for car insurance and concierge services, connecting people to make life easier.

We await further news with interest, and will of course keep you in the loop if anything else comes to light.

Exciting news, if true.