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Exclusive: Yet More Potential Change at Bolton Wanderers?

Returning captains, departing managers and players - is it all changing at the Macron?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

In a week in which the Lion of Vienna Suite has already received, off numerous sources, various amounts of information that could potentially see a ground breaking change at the club, we have received yet more - and there's a lot.

Yesterday, based on information provided by a reliable source, we broke the story that a takeover of Bolton Wanderers may be imminent (read here) with a consortium headed by a  former Whites player looking to buy the club.

This morning, in an update to the story (read that here), this time based on numerous sources we reported that the name of the company involved in the potential take over bid is Sports Shield Consultancy, and that the unnamed player in question is former striker Dean Holdsworth.

Whilst we concede that having so much news break in such a short an amount of time may look slightly shady and you may be hesitant to believe it, we had three independent sources all relay the following information to us, all completely separate of each other. So we feel obliged to share this information with the Bolton Wanderers supporters and community.

First of all, the Lion of Vienna Suite understands that three former Wanderers captains will all be returning, in different capacities to the club. This would back up the suggestion of Holdsworth being involved with the takeover.

We've been led to believe that the other two in question are Sam Allardyce, who will also be involved in the consortium, along with other investors, and Phil Brown, who will be looked at to be bought out of his contract at Southend United and join the club as manager.

This naturally leads onto the  next piece of information which claims that Neil Lennon will be relieved of his duties as Bolton manager, with the former assistant and Hull City boss taking his place.

On to the playing side of things, it has been claimed to LoVS that two of the clubs highest earning players will be sold in January.

We can only speculate as to who these players may be, but the remaining senior players who were with us in the Premier League, Mark Davies, David Wheater, Darren Pratley, are likely to be our highest earners.

With potentially Medo Kamara, who was signed during our first year in the Championship, also being high up the list.

To counteract the departures, however, our three different sources have told us that a current Premier League striker will join the club on loan in January.

He is unnamed.

Finally, the last  piece of information we received claimed that once the consortium had taken over the club, a new chairman will be hired.

This is all information from reliable sources we've worked with in the past, though we'd of course advise for you not to get too excited until something concrete materialises, neither are these reports confirmed.

But who knows? With all this information flying around, maybe something really is happening at Bolton Wanderers?

Here's hoping.