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Takeover: Dean Holdsworth Quits Managerial Role Today!

The plot thickens

Ben Radford/Getty Images

As per the Brentwood Gazette, ex-Bolton Wanderers striker Dean Holdsworth has today left his managerial role at Brentwood Town in order to 'concentrate on his business interests'.

Despite success in the role thus far, and with Holdsworth being linked with heading up a consortium looking to buy Bolton Wanderers as well as holding other business interests, including being the chief executive of the Non-League Footballers' Association, he has decided to call an end to his time as manager at Brentwood just five months into his tenure.

As no doubt you have all seen today, herehere and here - word has been gathering about Holdsworth's involvement in a potential consortium.

BEN Chief Football Writer and friend of the site, Marc Iles, tweeted this earlier tonight:

So it appears that something is happening - but what that exactly is, we're unsure at this moment in time.

The plot, however, is thickening.