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The Bristol City and Preston Games: A Perverse Positive

Having drawn 0-0 with two of the teams promoted from League One last season is there any positive we can take?

Or so we thought...
Or so we thought...
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Having drawn 0-0 with two of the teams promoted from League One is there any positive we can take?

Well I have decided that Bolton Wanderers are doomed to League One football next season. This makes playing against two of last seasons promoted teams slightly interesting.

On the assumption we are going down we will then be looking to bounce back to the lofty heights of the Championship. Last season Preston and Bristol City were both able to pull that off.

City of course won the league at a canter annihilating many teams which came there way. This I believe included securing promotion with a 6-0 win away at a team chasing the play-offs. Preston managed to win the play-offs in order to secure promotion seeing off competition from teams so irrelevant I have completely forgotten their identity.

So what is the perverse positive I have taken from these games? Assuming that if anything Preston and City are playing above the level they were last season, which actually based on watching Bristol City they are not but I am still going to run with it, holding our own against them is actually a good thing.

It shows that we may well have a team that could compete well in the hell hold which is League One. When we play against the leagues lesser teams we are likely to be able to pull off good results based on this logic.

So my conclusion here is bring on relegation, because we might actually be able to win in League One!