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Liam's Column: A week of revelations at Bolton Wanderers

This week Lion of Vienna Suite brought exclusive news of a proposed takeover headed by former Wanderer and housewives' favourite, Dean Holdsworth. Things moved quickly and whilst our colleagues at The Bolton News await details of a decision made, I wanted to use my column to go through what we know.

International Sex Symbol Dean Holdsworth
International Sex Symbol Dean Holdsworth
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Firstly, through our sources at the club, we were able to report the possibility of a consortium headed up by a former player. As a website we collectively took the decision to run with this as this particular source had given us good information in the past. We are not journalists, merely fans who love to share their view and upon release we quickly realised that perhaps we were onto something.

That evening, after quite staggering viewing figures on the post written by myself (see here), The Lion of Vienna Suite was approached by three independent sources all revealing very similar details so the wheels began to turn quickly. This led to us quickly breaking further news the following morning.

We were reliably informed that Dean Holdsworth was the man heading up this potential consortium although at this stage we were unsure as to whether this was for pure investment or a full takeover. Later that day, Marc Iles at the Bolton News was able to break that meetings between the club and Holdsworth and this was followed by the emerging story of Holdsworth's resignation at Brentwood. Of course, this could be pure coincidence but I would suggest not.

The following day, further details emerged from the Bolton News that this was for a full takeover with owner Eddie Davies looking for around £30million and that Davies would be flexible when it comes to the debt. The Bolton News also felt this weekend was a critical period and the future of this takeover bid would hang significantly on the next 48 hours.

Also revealed earlier on The Lion of Vienna was the potential changes to the playing staff and coaching staff. This was indicated through all of our sources from the very outset although personally I find them all a little too sensational and unrealistic. The mention of Sam Allardyce and Phil Brown returning to Lancashire just weeks into their respective managerial contracts seems far-fetched whilst a decision for an investor not to go with Neil Lennon first I would find foolish.

The sources also pointed to high-earners at the club perhaps being moved on as soon as January but this is nothing new, Bolton have been doing this slowly for the past 5 years and regardless of what happens over the next few weeks players such as Mark Davies are available to anyone willing to put up the correct money.

As for now, the Bolton News reports we are waiting on a critical moment for this and we all as fans hold our breaths. We all watch on helplessly as the long term future of our club hangs in the balance and maybe some of us can finally forgive Deano for the miss vs Aston Villa.