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Listen to #LOVpod Episode 36 Now!

The Fresh Princes

Pete Norton/Getty Images

On Episode 36 of the LOVpod Chris returns and steps in as host, with Rob reuced back to mere tech wiz Rob. They are both joined by Liam and new boy to the site and the show, Jonny Eckersley.

First port of call for the boys, well after Chris' very strange intro, was an in-depth look into Lion of Vienna Suite's world exclusive story on the possible Dean Holdsworth-led takeover of Bolton Wanderers. The lads cover all the details of the potentia deal and offer their own opinions.

They then look ahead to next weekend's visit to Reading, before reviewing the latest Wanderers news - including a possible new loan signing and rumours around Kevin Davies' testimonial.

Proceedings are brought to a close by a very shady game of Guess Who?, before the boys look back at your responses to this week's Twitter question.

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