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Gossip: Eddie Davies to Clear Bolton Wanderers Debt?

Could it really be true?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Amidst takeover talk, and word yesterday that chairman Phil Gartside has stepped aside to recover from illness, rumours have been spread by newspaper types that Bolton Wanderers' owner Eddie Davies is to wipe the club's debt, leaving us able to proceed into whatever future awaits us with optimism and renewed hope.

It started with a tweet:

This tweet began to spread, and there was much rejoicing.

The takeover, spearheaded by ex-Wanderer Dean Holdsworth and, if you believe it, Amir Khan, is reportedly on the brink of buying the club for a knockdown £15m, with Davies and his family agreeing to cancel the remaining £170m debt that the club has accumulated over the past decade.

In a frankly astonishing twist, Davies has ceased to earn interest on the debt, as he had until 2012, which could potentially allow the new owners to move forward with Wanderers actually having money to spend on players. Who'd have thunk that?

Should it come to pass, there can be little doubt that the entire future of the club would be hanging on Davies' intentions and every single Bolton Wanderers supporter should be grateful for his benevolence - without which we would be looking at a very bleak 2016 onwards.

Thank you Eddie.