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Five Things: PNE 0-0 Bolton Wanderers

Five snippets of reflection for a Monday morning after a dire draw with Preston

The pathetic Pratley of old is back in force this season
The pathetic Pratley of old is back in force this season
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

After Wanderers' latest awful failed attempt to win a match it's difficult to feel anything but negative thoughts this morning. So here are five particularly negative reflections.

1) Shola shocker

You know times are hard when you resort to signing a striker who hadn't scored in six months and only scored four goals at a poor standard of Turkish football since last year - and then start him in a big local derby. To be fair to Ameobi he received little to no support from the midfield, but he looked miles out of his depth against a really poor Preston side. There's little doubt in my mind that he will be the new Emile Heskey, and not score again having scored on his debut.

2) Frightful Feeney

It may well have been Halloween but Liam Feeney didn't need to give Sky Sports viewers (did anyone other than Bolton or Preston fans actually bother watching it?) a Saturday night fright. Neil Lennon seems insistent on picking Feeney, but most Wanderers supporters will be wondering why. He offered nothing against Preston except for missing an easy chance and repeatedly trying to cross the ball with his left foot - he needs to learn he doesn't have a left foot, and he can't cross.

3) Pathetic Pratley

The much maligned Darren Pratley of old is well and truly back, after his mini run of form last season earned him a new contract and a ridiculous choice as club captain. It's hard to imagine a captain displaying such a lack of leadership and making such a lack of effort to drag his side out of the hole they find themselves in. Pratley has done absolutely nothing since he came back from injury and is doing nothing to suggest he should be in the starting eleven. Josh Vela and Jay Spearing did well enough against Preston, but they someone alongside them who can actually create something in attack, but unfortunately Pratley is not the answer.

4) Captain conundrum

In addition to Pratley being a terrible captain there's a general lack of leadership throughout the side. David Wheater is perhaps the only player with any leadership qualities, and he was the only player who stood up and performed on Saturday night. It's worrying that the player selected as captain has again struggled to deal with the added pressure, in the same way that Jay Spearing did last season.

5) Relegation beckons

Even the most ardent Bolton fan now cannot deny that we are now well and truly facing a tough relegation struggle. Based on Saturday's performance it's hard to imagine this side digging themselves out of the mess, and it's tough to see where a win is coming from. There's a lot of talk that Lennon should be sacked for his inability to turn things around, but it's about time people stopped questioning the manager and took a look at the players on the pitch who are really to blame. They simply play as if they don't care, there's a painful lack of passion throughout the side, and it's getting increasingly painful to watch.