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Liam's Column: Uncertainty in the air at Bolton Wanderers

Liam uses his weekly (Yes, WEEKLY, Dennis Chase) column to talk about the negative aspect of a potential takeover.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

I have been the biggest advocate for change at Bolton Wanderers for some time. Numerous drunken evenings after quite damning weekday fixtures have seen me vent at the Wanderers ownership structure and the restrictions that have seen the club tumble towards League One.

A glimmer of hope shone throughout last week as International Sex Symbol Dean Holdsworth through his suitcase full of cash onto Eddie Davies' desk and said throw me the keys to the place. Since then, takeover talks have continued in the depths of the Macron's many luxurious boardrooms and at the time of writing we are yet to have the resolution so desperately crave.

Let last night, the Bolton News reported of fans' favourite Stelios returning from his home in the Shire to front up a rather exotic sounding 'International Consortium.' All very exciting and as much as the heart lifts at such news, it probably adds a level of uncertainty to a deal which SportsShield probably felt was wrapped up.

This weekend, after two weeks of takeover news, Bolton Wanderers have a football match and they are away at a ground which we struggle at. Neil Lennon; surrounded by uncertainty has to take his Wanderers side away and get a much needed result away from home.

Anyone unfortunate to work in a place of work whilst a takeover is likely will tell you it is not easy to simply get on with your job and I can attest to that personally. That will be confounded by the fact that Lennon's very position has apparently been the subject of talks within a takeover.

It is not easy to dust yourself off and remain professional, regardless of what you are paid and I do feel for Lennon and his staff with the uncertainty they are dealing with. The players are playing for the futures to a degree and arguably even what they do now won't be enough.

The takeover talks have also even managed to do the unthinkable and effect our ability to get players. We have entered an embargo as neither side involved in the talks was willing to fund Lennon's previously agreed loan of Wolves forward Rajiv van La Parra. It is understandable really but puts further pressure on Lennon as he has to cope with the loss of Arsenal Loanee Wellington Silva.

This will have also affected our hunt for a striker, with the likes of Kun Aguero and Robert Lewandowski having to remain at their clubs despite their aspirations to pull on the famous white shirt.

It all adds up to a fairly difficult afternoon for poor Neil Lennon at the Madejski Stadium and the sooner this is all sorted the better.

The Football Blogging Awards.

Obviously the corruption of FIFA has managed to filter down into The Football Blogging Awards and The Lion of Vienna Suite did not win an award. I am very proud of what we have achieved as a site and would like to than Mark Yesilevsky for inviting me to put my point of view across on why Tim Ream was the worst player to ever play for Bolton.

I very much enjoyed becomming part of the team and after Mark's heartbreaking betrayal, the American reigns of control were handed to Dennis Chase who's stewardship saw the inception of our popular LOVPod and saw the talented writer Daniel Murphy come to the fore and play a vital role in the sites development.

After life got in the way for Dennis, the man, the myth, the legend, Chris Manning took the role of our esteemed Managing Editor and the site has continued to go from strength to strength. Despite the clubs struggles, I think the site has really come into it's own over the last 12 months and the nomination is a reflection in no small part to the hard work put in by our contributors.

Keep up the good work boys, you're all heroes, even if Neil Danns doesn't think so ...