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Immediate Reaction: Reading 2-1 Bolton Wanderers

Back to normality.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

After two weeks of speculation and excitement, after two weeks of optimism finally starting to creep back into to the hearts and minds of Bolton Wanderers supporters, we should really have known that we'd be dragged back down to Earth with quite a bump when the football came back around.

The players, and 571 crazy yet heroic supporters, made the long trip to a shite Southern town to play Reading. We, against all the odds, actually started the game very brightly and should have been three goals up, but in true Mike Pollit style, former Wanderer Ali Al-Habsi morphed into Lev Yashin when his old team came to town.

Afterward, the painstakingly obvious occurred. Reading went a goal ahead, and then another. The right was whipped out of our sails and we meekly trudged our way through the rest of the tie without little resistance whats so ever.

A late Liam Feeney penalty gave a glimmer of hope but, as they say, it's the hope that kills you and we lost the game 2-1.

We now sit 24th in the Championship, five points from safety.

I'm tired and bored of this team now. I miss our creative and iconic players who've all had to leave in recent years. I'm falling out of love with football, or at least Bolton Wanderers, again.

I see no other way now. Once, if, this takeover is finally completed I think their first action should be to get rid of Neil Lennon as manager. No matter what off field limitations he is under, he should be getting more out of these players than he is.

They're not fighting for him, and it looks like he hasn't got the fight in him either.

We need change, or League One awaits.