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5 Things: Reading vs Bolton Wanderers

As two of the 500 or so Wanderers fans that made the brave trip south to Reading, friends of the site Tom and Jack Gibbs give their views of the game for your enjoyment. Tom and Jack enjoyed the splendours of the hospitality at the Madejski and perhaps the comforts enjoyed softened the blow of another Whites defeat ...

Best Right Back Since Neil Cox?
Best Right Back Since Neil Cox?
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Reading has great corporate hospitality. Fantastic food, decent beer/wine. Best sausage rolls I've ever had.

Liam's Note: Worth pointing out I heard a 15 minute rant about how good Marks and Spencer's Pastries are on Tom's stag do in Prague and I will take his word as gold here.

An Old Friend

Ali Al-Habsi is a great keeper. Made 2 fantastic close range saves to keep the game at 0-0. Looked like the keeper that played so well at Bayern Munich all them years ago.

Pratley's Continued Decline

Darren Pratley is a complete waste of space and is the least likely choice for the role of captain I've ever seen. No leadership, no conviction and arguably is the worst player in the squad/team at present.

Liam's Note: This has been a particularly disappointing theme of a poor season. Pratley has frankly been a let down as captain, not only have his performances been below par, his discipline is atrocious. Installing Pratley as captain is looking a poor decision by Lennon although a lot of us supported it in the summer.

Josh Vela Appears Again

Josh Vela is a right back. Held the line and kept his nerve throughout, at times he drifted into midfield and looked lost. Best right back at the club without doubt.

Liam's Note: This is something I have agree with from the off and it seems that even Vela himself is beginning to come to terms with. He will have a good career at right back.

A Beaten Man?

Neil Lennon is on thin ice. Lucky to not have received flack from the masses given then performances this season. Yes he's had to deal with what he has and yes he's signed players that probably weren't first choice but he's the manager and ultimately carries the responsibility for the results, which are far from good enough.

His dejection was particularly visible at 2-0. Steve Clark was yelling orders at his players to keep possession and calm things down whilst Neil Lennon was nowhere to be seen. Later, at 2-1, Reading boss Clark was barking orders to slow things down and get the ball into the corner to preserve what they had but Lennon again was nowhere to be seen.

Towards the end of the game, at a time were we were in the ascendancy having pulled things back to 2-1; we should have been pressing and searching for the equaliser, yet Lennon was happy to sit back watch things unfold without input or instruction.

I have never said it before but i don't feel we'd be any worse off without Neil Lennon and as such it pains me to say it but after this performance, Lennon out.


We would like to thank Tom and Jack for taking the time to enlighten us on their view from the stands at the Madejski. You can find them both on Twitter on @gills_87 (Tom) and @Gibbs21Jack (Jack)