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Bolton Wanderers Have Been Ignoring Stelios - I Want To Know Why

Jonny is an angry man, and it's not because of that London and their charging him £343 for a bag of crisps.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Ladies and gents, I begin this piece with a sigh.

It is not a sigh of weariness or fatigue, but a sigh of pure and unwavering disappointment.

Earlier this evening (that's Sunday to you and me), friend of the site Marc Iles broke some frankly staggering news. In his latest article, Iles dropped a bit of a bombshell, saying that my favourite bald-headed Greek Stelios Giannakopulous has been trying to buy our beloved Bolton Wanderers since January.

That's January 2015. Approximately 11 months ago.

Just let that sink in.

So, what's stopped him? Well apparently the reason is pretty simple: ignorance. It would seem that Stelios and his band of merry backers (from Canada and Greece respectively) have had the door slammed in their faces numerous times by Eddie Davies & Co, but why?

According to Iles, our once top goalscorer is "spearheading a consortium that first registered their interest in January" and that "paperwork passed back and forth between the two parties until recently when the trail went cold".

What the fuck is going on here? Am I missing something? Eddie Davies has openly stated on numerous occasions that he'd prefer to keep the ownership of the club in English hands, which is fair enough. He's the man with the cheque book, not me - I'm just a simple lad from Daisy Hill like Nicky Hunt.

However, despite Davies' best interests, would it not be best to consider Stelios and his mates to take the reigns, given that they've made their intentions pretty clear - give immediate funds to the manager and get the club out of the shit storm we're currently in?

Surely we could've finished last season in a much stronger position had the takeover been completed in the earlier part of the year?

Deano and the lads at Sports Shield only became a company in July this year; 6 months after Stelios and his lot had decided they wanted to pull us out of the shit. It really angers me that we're only hearing about this now, and I can assure you I'll still be raging over my turkey and Christmas cracker next month.

I don't have a clue what's going on behind closed doors at The Macron, and neither does anyone else, but I hope someone starts talking soon, otherwise you can find me outside Bolton Central before the Brentford game staging a dirty protest.*

Let's hope we're provided with some sort of clarity in the next week or so, eh?

*probably not going to happen