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Could Luke Brattan be Bolton Wanderers' Midfield saviour?

As one of the very few people to actually see the Australian play, Tom Molloy tries to answer.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

I've been to every U21 home game this season, bar one, so I'd like to think I can give a little insight on the players for the benefit of those who perhaps can't travel to Leyland every other Monday night (or have better things to do with their time).

On the most part, I've enjoyed watching the youngsters play this season. They usually play exciting passing football, the type I long to see at the Macron every week. But maybe it's the Macron that's cursed, as the reserves played there last week and looked just as flat and lacklustre as their more senior counterparts. I usually write up a report of every game I go to but not much at all happened to be brutally honest.

One thing I did take away from the game, though, was my first glimpse at on loan midfielder Luke Brattan. Brattan's whole signing seems very suspicious to me. Let me explain:

  • We have a surplus of centre midfielders
  • We have zero wage budget
  • He apparently isn't fit enough
  • We only have him until January so if he gets fit and makes an impression then he'll leave à la Craig Dawson anyway.

Not to mention. that it seems like Manchester City have signed him with the sole purpose of passing him back to their Australian sister club Melbourne City.

But enough of that, how did he actually do?

Erm... I'm struggling to be honest.

First things first, he's tiny. He's definitely not 6ft as the ever-reliable Wikipedia suggests.

He also has a very silly haircut.

Aside from that, he was probably one of the better players but on the night that wasn't such a difficult feat, and he didn't stand out - as you might expect him to - by any stretch of the imagination.

I suppose he looked strong in the tackle and forced former Wanderers youngster Erik Bukran into a couple of smart low saves. His distribution was good at times, yet sloppy at others and he generally looked a bit rusty and off the pace. Then again, the whole team did with the possible exception of Kaiyne Woolery who as per usual looked like our only threat in the absence of Jamie Thomas.

He was in a three-man midfield with the lesser spotted Medo and Chris Cvetko whose only contribution was about three long-range shots which all sailed harmlessly high and wide.

Talking of Medo, he was much better than the last time I saw him play and I definitely don't think he's any worse than Filip Twardzik who currently seems to be Neil Lennon's new favourite benchwarmer.

I'd go as far to say that Medo is better than Neil Danns and whilst that doesn't sound difficult, the latter is one of Lennon's golden boys and the former is permanently exiled.

The same goes for Brattan. I feel like once he's up to speed, he could be quite a good addition. Knowing our luck, by the time that happens, it might be time for him to leave.