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The best news you've ever heard.

The best news I, you and every single Bolton Wanderers fan has ever heard has just been announced on - it confirms that Eddie Davies WILL wipe all the debt that is owed to him by the club, a figure which rises to approximately £185m.

This means, I'm sure you're aware, that the new owner who buys Bolton Wanderers will be relatively debt free, with only small loan on the hotel still needing to be paid.

Whilst it was obvious that the debt would probably need to be wiped for any potential new owner to purchase the club, seeing it actually confirmed in black and white comes as such a massive relief to a fan base that has had to seriously fear a future  with out the club they support in recent years.

In an update, the advisor to the board and owner of the club, Trevor Burch said:

"Eddie will be writing off his loans that currently sit in the accounts. He's effectively gifting the club approximately £185million. There is no bank debt, other than a small loan on the hotel. The club has been financed by Eddie's loan contributions."

The interview is an interesting one (and can be read in full here) and also states that there has been no indication from any potential new owner that they'd want to sack current manager Neil Lennon. Also included is the potential fait of Phil Gartside, how much Eddie Davies sets to lose as owner of Bolton and what any potential buyers will be getting in the deal.

What ever happens from this point onwards, however, thanks to Eddie Davies there is a future for Bolton Wanderers and it may just be a bright one. Whatever you may think of him, this action has single handily kept our club alive.

Thank you, Eddie.