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Get #LOVpod Episode 37 in ye!

The weirdest one yet

In this weeks episode of the Lion of Vienna Suite podcast, in which is perhaps the weirdest episode yet, there are popular culture references and digressions on pasty shops a plenty, as Chris is joined by resurrected tech wiz Dan, the ever cheery DownTheMannyRD Tom and, of course, Jonny.

They're even accompanied by the return of the famed LOVpod music. A relief to all ears, I'm sure.

Things got underway with a big discussion on the breaking news of Eddie Davies announcing that he will wipe ALL the debt that is owed to him by Bolton Wanderers. The lads even afforded them selves a moment of optimism as they discussed just how massive that was the for the Whites.

Over news of the week like the massive story of Stelios wanting to buy the club, Amir Kahn getting involved, the loan move Rajiv van La Parra falling through and the apparent signing of Torquay goalkeeper Dan Lavercombe were all also discussed.

The positivity had to end somewhere and it duly did when the conversation turned to Wanderers' on field antics, the group discusses in all it's shitty glory the 2-1 defeat to Reading on the weekend and the atrocious defending that accompanied it.

The third and final part of the show saw the crew look forward to next weeks game against Brentford, infant of the Sky camera on Monday night. They discussed who they'd like to see in the team and how many goals we're going to lose by before going into the Twitter question of the week, which simply asked where do you see the Whites in 12 months time.

It all went off the rails after that as it transpired that Tom was brushing his teeth whilst on air and then a whole manner of dirty jokes were made - it really was podcasting gold, so don't miss out!

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