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Why Exactly Did Adam Le Fondre Stab Bolton Wanderers in the Back?

Tom W. attempts to tackle something that most BWFC fans are happy to forget...

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

In the wake of all this takeover malarkey, I wanna address something that many Bolton fans have seemingly forgotten about.

One of the biggest traitor stories in recent Wanderers history occurred this past summer when prolific striker Adam Le Fondre turned his back on the Whites in order to join Wolverhampton Wanderers.

What drove him to this, though?

The Macron Stadium was Le Fondre's home for a good four months and he bolstered a goalscoring ratio that some of Bolton's most legendary strikers would be impressed by. So why would he join another club?

If you clicked this article looking for an answer, I'm sorry. I've spent countless hours trying to rationalise why ALF would flee the nest in search of another club but I simply cannot. The father and son bond between Lennon and Le Fondre seemed unbreakable but sometimes life has a way of kicking you in the teeth.

If you wanna come back home Adam you're more than welcome, we won't be mad, we promise.