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Question Time: Ipswich Town

All you need to know

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The games are coming quick and fast and as such so is Question Time. On this edition, I spoke to Ipswich Town fan, Adam Brenton, on a wide range of topics, from former Whites players to current Ipswich under performers, in anticipation with match against Bolton Wanderers.

1) *Smug face* I predicted Ipswich would slip away a bit this season, but why have they started so poorly?

I think they're is a number of factors, firstly we most definitely over achieved last season so it is always difficult to replicate a previous season like that, secondly I think Mick has rotated the squad far too much and he doesn't really know his best team and thirdly we have invested poorly this year in the transfer market.

2) You're currently sat in 14th, can Mick and his squad turn it around?

Most definitely, fans calling for his head need to calm down and take a step back to 3 years a go where we were very in the bottom three.

3) Why on earth did you sign Giles Coke?

God knows. I'm a big fan of magic Mick and I can't even give you an answer to that. Perhaps the same reason you signed Emile Heskey.

4) That whole Nigel Reo-Coker situation was funny. How did he do for you?

Ha you've only now reminded me he played for us. I think he only played a hand full of games. We had a stage of signing ex premier league has beens for a few years.

5) I believe I'm right in saying Ipswich haven't paid a fee for a player in several years now. How (going off last season) did you manage to stay competitive without spending any money and what can a club like Bolton learn from that?

Ipswich have been blessed with a great youth setup and without this there is no way in which we could have continued. There's also the fact that generally speaking minus Giles Coker mick has a great eye for talent, for example choosing to sign Tyrone mings a recommendation from the great Russell Osman.

6) Was Daryl Murphy's campaign last year a one hit wonder?

Yes most certainly!

7) I know he's injured, but why is Ryan Fraser good?

Hes rapid, he's great on the ball, hes attacking minded and most importantly not afraid to have a shot.

8) Mick still playing the direct football, or can we expect something different tomorrow night?

At home perhaps you can expect a bit more passing but away from home, definitely not. Mick loves route one football.

9) What other players should Bolton defenders be wary of?

Murphy, McgGldrick and Sears. When these lads combine properly they have the potential to cause problems for any team.

10) Any Bolton players you're worried about at all?

I was at the reebok last year for the bore draw between the teams last year but Neil Danns passing was a real issue for us.

11) Finally, how do you see the game going and what's your score prediction?

I have confidence in the tractor boys to get a much needed win. 2-1 Ipswich. Freddie Sears brace.