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Bolton Wanderers Fail to Pay Players Wages!

Today Bolton slide further into the financial mire with the news of unpaid wages.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The news broke on The Bolton New (read here) that Bolton Wanderers have not paid their senior players this month.

This has led to the Professional Footballer’s Association being called in on behalf of a number of players who learnt about this on the eve of the must win game against Brentford.

It is being reported on the Mail Online (yes I know it’s the Mail but still you can read here) that the players have been, understandably, left furious by this and are seeking to meet Neil Lennon in relation to the matter.

If anyone is wondering we have now lost that match, yes I know kick-off is still hours away but with that news breaking now it would be a surprise if the players’ minds were on the game in hand. Which is fantastic and I can salute Bolton for their impeccable timing for this announcement. Why they couldn’t they have told the players a few days ago, but anyway…

The club is currently said to be losing £1 million per a month. With Eddie Davies having put a complete stop on funding it is hard to see how the club can hope to fill the shortfall, no doubt the source of this problem.

This also comes with the news today that Bolton have paid almost £1 million in agents fees this calendar year. A quite astonishing sum for a team in our financial position.

The statement itself reads (as in the tweet above):

Bolton Wanderers Football Club can today, Monday 30 November, confirm that the first team playing squad are yet to receive their wages for the month of November.

This is due to the ongoing situation surrounding the club's ownership off the field.

Trevor Birch, recently appointed as adviser to the Bolton Wanderers board and owner, said: "This is due to a short-term funding issue. We are working hard behind the scenes and hope to have this resolved in a quick and timely manner and I will be meeting the players tomorrow to update them."