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It Could be Worse I Guess - Or Could It?

With Bolton in something of a predicament I thought I would look at some worse cases than ourselves!

Yeovil is not a happy part of Somerset these days...
Yeovil is not a happy part of Somerset these days...
Harry Trump/Getty Images

So we appear to be doomed, just a little bit, to the hell hole which is League One. In order to celebrate this fact I will attempt to make people feel better by going through some worse cases than us…

Yeovil Town 2012 Present

Yeovil are incidentally the team which gave me this idea a couple of days ago. After reaching the Championship for the first time in their history they are now in a fight to survive in the Football League.

They spent one season in the Championship, ending Marc Tierney’s career in the process. They then suffered back to back relegations down to League Two. In what is their first season back down at that level they dropped to the bottom of the league and now face the possibility of dropping out of the Football League in no time after making history.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2011 – 2013

Wolves hold the rather dubious record of being the only team to drop from the top flight down to what is now League One in successive season twice in their history. After dropping out of the top flight at the same time as the mighty Bolton Wanderers Wolves were not able to stop the rot the following season as a terrible run of form at the end of the season sent them down once again.

They have since stabilised of course but still not a great record to hold right?

Blackpool: Don’t know when – Whenever Oyston hangs around till

Well this has to be the most infamous story of recent years. After reaching the promised land of the Premier League under everyone’s favourite Bristolian Ian Holloway it has been all downhill. Reports were that Oyston received a £20 million payment that season making him the best remunerated chairman in football history in a single season. It turned out that with that he was just getting started…

Since then he has consistently demonstrated a lack of interest to put it mildly in Blackpool barely putting together first team squads. Deals such as Nile Ranger having his one year contract extension activated by the club despite going AWOL show the unbelievably bad way in which the club is run. I don’t think anyone would claim that Phil Gartside is that bad. And I am rather thankful that the rumours linking Bolton to Ranger a few years back were just that rumours.

This is of course not all the clubs having a worse time than us but I think it is enough to make people feel a little bit better about our current predicament in that weird way in which other people suffering more can do that…