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MOTM Jose Casado - Ipswich 2-0 Bolton Wanderers

The little Spaniard has done it again

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Where to start with last night's performance?

It seems even those who don't regularly play in a white shirt are shit scared of travelling away from The Macron, and that definitely showed at Portman Road.

A distinct lack of leadership and senior players seemingly incapable of picking the team up and dragging them through to full time is beginning to cause us serious issues.
Man of the match?

Well, it wasn't easy to choose, but I'll give it to my favourite little Spaniard, José Manuel Casado.

A dogged performance in the left-back role, he really looks like he wants to play football at the moment and, in my opinion, is getting better with every game.

He was also part of a cheeky little training ground free-kick routine which resulted in him allowing Liam Feeney to nutmeg him and David "Crimson Chin" Wheater thumping the ball towards goal (it ended up going out for a corner, sigh). 
It took me a good 10 minutes to get over the levels of creativity shown in that move alone.

Although he's playing in a defensive role, he brings a breath of fresh air to the side with his tackling tenacity and wicked left peg.

In truth, Casado was the best of a bad bunch. We can complain all we like about the lack of funds coming into the club, but when all's said and done, we've got a squad of players that need to step up to the plate before we find ourselves in an even bigger shit-storm.

Neil Lennon remains defiant, saying he won't quit the club, but if we lose to Bristol City on Saturday I can't see him lasting much longer.

But who'd replace him? Only time will tell...