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Missing Persons: Lawrie Wilson & Francesco Pisano

Where on Earth are Lawrie Wilson and Francesco Pisano?

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

This is an appeal for any information on the whereabouts of Bolton Wanderers right back Lawrie Wilson. He has not been seen since 19th September 2015 in Huddersfield. Many people are very concerned about his wellbeing.

This is worrying many people who liked the fact that Bolton played with a real right back for a while this season. It is also deeply worrying to those who do not like seeing a centre back playing at right back.

Of equal concern is the whereabouts of Francesco Pisano who despite appearing in Preston on 31st October 2015 has disappeared once again. There is much concern at the lack of a right back in the first team as a consequence of this.

On a serious note there has been no talk of an injury to Wilson and yet he has been out of the first team picture for about a month and a half now. For Neil Lennon to bring in a player in the summer and so quickly seemingly lose faith in him is worrying. The same can be said of Pisano who I believe was never said to have had an injury despite being withdrawn at half time in the Queens Park Rangers match.

Unless there are injuries which have not been announced, or I have just ignored the announcements, this is in my view bizarre. Having brought in players in that area of the pitch then not use them with seemingly no explanation just does not make sense. Even if they are not the best players in the world they would surely offer more than Derik Osede or Prince-Désir Gouano do when drafted in to fill the void.

This becomes even more confusing when Lennon insists on playing Dorian Dervite despite some less than stunning reviews of his performances of late. Surely putting a right back in and playing one of Prince or Osede alongside the solid David Wheater is a far better move? Actual full backs will offer better positional awareness and more going forward than the centre backs do out there. Then he can deploy a centre back with pace and more talent than Dervite alongside Wheater.

That would not create the best defence in the world, probably not even the best defence in League One with the way things are going. But it may well be better than what is being played at the moment.

My faith in Lennon which I have been pronouncing at various points so far this season is being sorely tested. The constant refusal to play a real right back is one of the things really starting to piss me off.

If anyone does actually know why either of them have disappeared then please say in the comments!