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Wanted: Right-Back. Last Seen 3rd October, London

We explore the curious disappearance of not one but two right-backs and their bizarre replacements

Watching from the sidelines: Francesco Pisano (left) must be getting used to this in Bolton
Watching from the sidelines: Francesco Pisano (left) must be getting used to this in Bolton
Enrico Locci/Getty Images

Ladies and gentleman, on the third day of October in the year of 2015 a right-back mysteriously disappeared at half-time in a Championship clash between Queens Park Rangers and Bolton Wanderers. From that moment forth, the mythical role of right-back has gone missing entirely from the Wanderers tactics book, and we need your help finding out why and - ideally - finding it again.

Ever since Francesco Pisano was hooked moments after Wanderers were pegged back to 2-2 at Loftus Road, Neil Lennon has taken to playing centre-backs in his regular right sided full-back position. Both Derik Osede and Prince have attempted to fill in, and frankly both have been rubbish there. Unsurprisingly really, seeing as they aren't right backs.

Jonny, our latest recruit at LOVS Towers, posted an interesting observation in his Five Things article in the wake of Tuesday's defeat to Ipswich Town (if you haven't read it, go and read it now). He points out that Neil Lennon brought in three decent attacking-minded full-backs in the summer, but for some reason is refusing to play two of them in their natural right-back berth.

While Jose Manuel Casado is currently impressing on the left side of our defence, the right flank has been vacated by both fellow new recruits Lawrie Wilson and Pisano.

Wilson hasn't been seen since the 4-1 defeat at Huddersfield Town, in which he did admittedly have a bit of a nightmare. But until that point he had been looking half decent down the right flank, he looked to get forward, knocked some decent crosses into the box, and looked fairly composed defensively. But he was seemingly dropped for his part in that defeat never to return, and with no explanation for his absence. He seemingly isn't injured but can't get on the bench behind the likes of Stephen Dobbie and Filip Twardzik, and he was supposedly even seen watching from the stands with the Bolton supporters in the 2-0 defeat at Burnley.

Pisano's performances since his arrival have hardly had Wanderers fans brimming with confidence in his ability, although he has been thrown in at the deep end. Having made his debut in place of Wilson against top of the league Brighton, he was then asked to face QPR's cash rich side in his away debut - and is yet to return. Prior to joining Bolton, Pisano made 225 league appearances in Serie A with Cagliari for 11 years, so he can't have become a crap player overnight. He needs time to settle in and I'm certain he will come good eventually.

Whatever the reasons for both Pisano and Wilson being omitted, it goes without saying that Prince and Derik are not the answer to replace them. Wanderers' continued struggles necessitate that we go back to basics, and that means playing players in positions and in roles that they understand how to play. Sounds simple, and it is.