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We Can All Learn A Thing Or Two From The Boys In Blue

Jonny has seen how the other half live, and support their team - what can we take from his experience at Chelsea this week?

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Well, we're in a bit of a shit storm at the moment, aren't we? Last night's article by The Daily Fail suggesting Bolton Wanderers is considering entering administration (which would bring a 12 point deduction) and cutting further non-playing jobs makes for grim reading, and has only added fuel to the speculation fire surrounding Neil Lennon at the moment.

So, where do we go from here? It seems pretty simple to me. This week I've seen Wanderers fans threatening to cancel the direct debits for their season tickets until Gartside leaves the club or we win a game. Are you people fucking stupid? Do you really think that will achieve anything? You are a very, very small minority, a drop in the Football League ocean.

Pack it in, it's just making things worse.

"Where's he going with this?" I hear you cry. Well, on Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending Chelsea's Champions League fixture against Dynamo Kyiv at Stamford Bridge, where all successful Bolton players go to win things (I still cry when I see Gary Cahill lifting the European Cup in 2012).

As any competent football fan knows, Jose Mourinho is under increasing pressure to ensure his title-winning team perform this season but it just isn't happening for him, with the Blues currently languishing in 15th place at the time of writing. Despite their cabinet of silverware and winning pedigree, what's the one fundamental difference between said West London club and ours at the moment?


Chelsea fans love Mourinho. He brought them unprecedented success during his first spell in charge of the club, and, although he's failed to replicate those dizzying heights since his return, he hasn't done too badly. The first chant the fans began on Wednesday was a loud chorus of Mourinho's name, to which he humbly accepted from his position on the touchline.

As it stands, we find ourselves in a similar club to Chelsea in that we're a decent sized club significantly underperforming for a number of reasons. Will tearing the players, manager and one another apart do more harm than good? In my opinion, yes.

We should take a leaf out of the current English champions' book and huddle together, weather the storm and come out better for it on the other side.

During today's game against Bristol City you'll probably see something you don't like, as we all will.

Forget Liam Feeney's inability to cross a ball and Dorian Dervite's fuckwittery when it comes to defending our goal - focus on the positives and it might just give the lads a lift.

If I see any of you booing, I'll RKO you.