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Bolton Wanderers Release Statement on Administration

The Daily Mail's allegations have been denied, kind of

Michael Regan/Getty Images

In the last 24 hours, the Daily Mail released an article alleging that Bolton Wanderers were close to going into administration, which has been a long standing fear of the Wanderers fan base. They claimed that jobs were in danger and that redundancies would be made. Then, in the last hour, Bolton responded to the claim with a statement, saying that jobs aren't in 'immediate danger'

On the morning of a big game against relegation rivals, it is a shame that the club had to deal with this article. It puts the fans on edge and must concern the players. Considering there is an international break next week, I would much rather have had this addressed after the match. However, I suppose some would be more concerned that the comments were hanging in the air.

The most concerning phrase is 'immediate danger' as it implies that jobs are still in some form of jeapordy. Whilst, of course, it is no secret that the club is in financial trouble, the club's statement seemed to make out that it all hinged on new investment. As that chase has, as of yet, been unsuccessful, this won't be the last we hear of our beloved Wanderers flirting with going under.