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Immediate Reaction: Bolton Wanderers 0-0 Bristol City

Chris has just got back in, and these are his brain farts

Harry Trump/Getty Images

A poor Bolton Wanderers team, an awful Bristol City team, a terrible referee and rain.

What a combo.

Anyway, it was an awful performance by an awful team in awful conditions. What can Neil Lennon do when his players miss penalties? Yeah he signed them, but once they cross the white line there's nothing he can do.

But he picks them. He organises them.

Josh Vela - what an enigma. Struggling in midfield, and today struggled at right back. What do you do with him?

The whole team was guilty of regular errors. Basic ones. Wanderers are stuck in a rut, and we seem incapable of lifting ourselves out of it.

So do you change the manager? He chops and changes the team, and they're consistently average.

Liam Feeney - strewth. Has there every been a more frustrating player? He got on my wick today.

The crowd was flat, the team was flat, and the performance was highly dodgy. Jay Spearing looked decent - David Wheater played 'alright', but other than that you'd be really struggling to pick a Man of the Match.

Bristol were League One quality both on and off the pitch. Fond of a dive, fond of a whine, they dominated the first half but didn't possess the quality to capitalise. They might well have won, on another day.

Referee Stuart Attwell however is a complete dickhead. Easily swayed by whichever team shouted loudest, he gave a series of baffling decisions for and against both teams which summed up as to why he has the reputation that he has.

Speaking of reputations - it's time Mark Davies started to show why we hold him in such high esteem. He was awful today.

Where's my beer?