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Man of the Match: Bolton Wanderers 0-0 Bristol City

Hard to choose, but not for the right reasons

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

So not only do I have to write a Player Ratings piece, a Five Things piece and an Immediate Reaction bit it also falls upon me to decide on who wins the famed Lion of Vienna Suite Man of the Match award.

I thought about who didn't have a massive stinker against Bristol City, and so the names which immediately sprang to mind included Ben Amos, Jay Spearing or David Wheater. I even thought about being contro and going with dickhead referee Stuart Attwell, but in the end a decision had to be made.

I've given the award to Wheater and Amos lately, so it's time that our own Jay was rewarded for some much-improved performances of late.

His own play was epitomised by a stern challenge against some Brizzle jabroni in the first half but that wasn't the extent of Spearing's performance - evoking memories of his early Bolton Wanderers career, he seldom misplaced a pass and instead looked a lot more like the Spearing of old.

Perhaps the weight of the captain's armband rested heavily upon his Gollum-esque features, but this year has seen an improved Jay Spearing.

I could easily have chosen the aforementioned Wheater or Amos, but I think Jay's mini-revival deserves recognition and so the own-brand Cava heads to Merseyside and Jay Spearing.