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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 0-0 Bristol City

Chris finishes off the weekend's reflections with a look at what we could have taken from the draw

Tyler Breeze?
Tyler Breeze?
Harry Trump/Getty Images

It was a boring game and a somewhat predictable outcome between two relegation-threatened sides in Bolton Wanderers and visitors Bristol City - let's dive straight in:

1) Stuart Attwell's reputation is well-earned

The 15 year old referee, famed for the 'ghost goal' incident, hasn't often refereed at the Reebok Stadium - but when he does it's usually to provide a timely reminder that his reputation for being awful is absolutely well-earned.

Basic mistakes including ignoring every single foul throw taken by Tyler Breeze at right back for Bristol City, the regular pettiness that we see each week from Champo refs and a bizarre sequence of events that saw Mark Davies booked for a trip when the men in red were given free reign to foul with impunity frustrated all in the crowd.

In the era of the celebrity referee, Attwell appeared to think that the assembled supporters had paid their entrance money to see him. Why didn't he use his linesmen? I think perhaps he told them to stick to ins and outs.

2) Never mind Max Clayton - what is Josh Vela's best position?

I'm struggling on this one.

Last week on the LOVpod we considered where Clayton could be best utilised. This week I'm going to propose the same debate for Josh.

It was with much noise that his exclusion was felt, earlier in the campaign, but upon his return to the team lately it is perhaps now a little bit more understandable why he was left out.

When in midfield he looks like a boy in a man's world. At right-back he looks lost.

I'm really concerned that we're starting to see that age-old problem of Bolton Wanderers fans talking up the latest prospect and ignoring his faults. I don't want this to be the case here but the evidence is there for all to see.

3) Liam Feeney is turning me grey

The former Blackburn Rovers man is perhaps the most annoying player I have EVER had the misfortune to watch. Before you hit me up with some bullshit Sqawka stats about 'chances created' - I don't want to know.

He was, for some reason, played up front in the first half - and he was a complete disaster.

Capable of trapping a ball further than most players can kick one, Feeney was lucky to see the second half. In his defence he did improve a little in the second 45, but then it was hard not to have a better half than that which had previously gone before.

He's obviously a 'Neil Lennon guy', but it's time that the lad had a breather. There is of course a question over who replaces him - given that he is, somehow, our top scorer, but there can be few normal people left in the Wanderers universe who still back him as being someone who brings quality to our first team.

4) Stephen Dobbie's last Bolton game

The former Crystal Palace and Blackpool man was chosen at the head of the diamond, and looked completely lost.

It's really disappointing to think that in 2015 we are stuck with someone who wasn't good enough for Fleetwood Town in the summer.

He did well to last 45 minutes. Dreadful.

He should count himself lucky if he ever pulls on a Bolton Wanderers shirt again. It just didn't work on any conceivable level whatsoever.

5) Mark Davies needs to take a long look in the mirror

It was, perhaps, the worst Mark Davies performance in many a long, long season.

Positioned too deep at the base of the defensive diamond, he should have been pushed further forward from the very start where his penetrating runs and attacking instincts would have brought us more exposure on the break in the absence of the injured Wellington Silva.

Instead, we had a strange performance from the former Wolverhampton Wanderers man, who was absent for large swathes of the game, and whose dereliction of his own defensive duties cost us a cross or a Bristol City counter-attack on more than one occasion.

We all know that he can, on his day, be the best English player outside of the Premier League, but Saturday was most definitely not his day.

Given his status as one of our senior and very best players, it was an atrocious performance and one that we have to hope is a one-off.

Much to be concerned about.